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Get the best offers on Forged Ring Gear Carrier, Forged Engine Transmission Components, and other products.
About Us

Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd.
is an ISO 9001:2015 qualified company that manufactures forge and forging machined components alongside other customized products like the Forged Ring Gear Carrier, and Forged Engineering Transmission Components, Forged End Head, and so on. Automotive, Agriculture (Farm), Power Transmission, Earth Moving Equipment, Wind Energy, Orthopedic Implants, Plastic, Sugar, Construction, and other industries use our products. Our infrastructure comprises cutting-edge production facilities such as a forge, chemical testing lab, die shop, mechanical testing lab, quality control department, and allied departments. We also provide components that have been proven machined alongside components that have been finished. We also work with authorized machining providers who have access to various traditional and CNC equipment. Our forging capabilities range from 2 to 30 KGs per component.

Our Vision

  • To be dedicated to reacting to and listening to the requirements of our customers, business partners, and associates while also respecting their unique worth.
  • To be dedicated to an entrepreneurial mindset that increases shareholder value and drives our development.

Our Mission

  • Believe in continuous improvement in our processes, systems, and products, such as the Forged End Head, Forged Helical Gear Shaft, Forged Cross Shaft.
  • We are dedicated to delivering high-quality parts promptly and exceeding the expectations or demands of our clients.

Provider of Forging Services For Major Industries

We specialize in producing Alloy Steel and Steel Forgings alongside Machined Components that fulfill the demands of our clients. Our product line can be divided into the following categories:

  • Components for automobiles and tractors such as connecting rods, gear shifter forks, and engine components such as rocker arms, camshafts, and levers
  • Components of Power Transmission
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic applications for forged pipe fittings
  • Boiler Components, Flanges, and High-Pressure Fittings 
  • Transmission Components & Gear Blanks
  • Valve body, bonnet, and three ball valves made of forge steel
  • Implants for Orthopedics
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Components
  • Machined, Bar-Machined, and Forged Scaffolding components such as Turn Buckles, Shackles, and Hooks.

Strict Material Processing and Selection 

At our company, choosing the appropriate materials and processing them correctly is a crucial step in guaranteeing quality perfection in our Forged Ring Gear Carrier, Forged Engine Transmission Components, and other products. The following are some of the material selection process:

  • Complete focus on selecting the highest-quality materials
  • Orders are processed right away
  • Incoming material is thoroughly inspected
  • Raw materials come in a wide range of forms and sizes
  • Mild steel, Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Duplex Stainless steel, and Stainless steel are among the materials utilized.
  • Customer-specified unique materials are included.
  • We employ a rigorous identification and tracking system to eliminate mix-ups and unintentional usage of the material.

Our Die and Tool Shop

A well-facilitated Tool Room with CAM or CAD technology and die sinking machine capabilities for excellent reproducibility is available. We are in a position to tackle the difficulties of quickly changing client demands cost-effectively thanks to its existing bank of die designs and highly skilled design team.

Our Induction Heating System

Reject or Accept mechanism on an induction heater is available. There are two temperature settings such as low and high, both of which are calibrated regularly.

Benefits of Our Induction Heating

  • Heating periods are much shorter for reducing scale and oxidation.
  • Temperature management is simple and precise. Parts such as a Forged Ring Gear Carrier are recognized and removed if they are at temperatures outside of requirements.
  • No wasting time waiting for the induction furnace to reach the desired temperature.
  • Induction heating units that are automated need little human work.
  • Heat is focused on a single place, which is critical for components having a single forming area.
  • Better working conditions and higher thermal efficiency (heat is produced in the component rather than being heated in a vast chamber). The only heat in the air comes from the components themselves. Compared to a fuel furnace, the working environment is far more comfortable.

Our Forge Shop

Three hammers, each weighing 1.0, 3.0, and 1.25 tonnes, allow for single-piece forging of weights over 30 kg. The machine is equipped with a band saw battery that can cut steel up to 200 mm thick.

Our Hydraulic Coining Press

Coining is an enclosed die forging method that involves applying pressure to the forging surface to achieve tighter tolerances and smoother surfaces.

Our Heat Treatment and Shot Blasting

For Forged End Head, and other heat treatment procedures, such as Normalizing, Tempering, Quenching ISO, Solution Annealing, Thermal Annealing, and so on, we have partnered with heat treaters.

Our Machining Methodology

We can provide components that have been proven machined and are ready to be finished. We have partnered with recognized machining providers that offer a variety of traditional and CNC equipment.

Our Quality Control Department

Our dedication to quality is based on the satisfaction of our customers. Our quality control program applies high-quality standards to Forged Ring Gear Carrier, and other products from order confirmation to delivery, ensuring that they meet the demands of our customers.

New Product Development Process: 

  • APQP 
  • PPAP 

Our Clientele

  • Bonfiglioli
  • Comer Industries
  • Escorts
  • Mahindra
  • Maschio Gaspardo
  • New Holland
  • Raychem RPG
  • Setco Automotive Ltd
  • Sonalika International
  • Tafe
  • TATA
  • Wabco
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